Travel Around By Train
Beijing Railway Station is the main station of china for domestic and international trains. Trains connected Beijing with all parts of China within one or two days trip. The world’s longest Railway “Trans-Siberian Railway” takes visitors from Beijing to Manchurian, Pyongyang , Ulan Bater and Moscow across Gobi Desert and Siberia. It’s one of the busiest stations of China.

Travel Around By Subway
The STATE APARTMENTS is right above the LINE 2-Beijingzhan Station, it’s the main line for most popular sight-seeing spots of central Beijing area such as Bell and Drum Tower, Yonghegong Lamma Temple, Temple of Earth and Snack Street in DongZhiMen. You may change at DongZhiMen station for airport express train on the same line. Travel in Beijing by subway costs only 2 Yuan for all stops.

Travel Around By Bus
There are 800 bus routes in Beijing. Wherever you want to go, a bus will take you there. If you use a public transport card, it charges RMB 0.4 up per trip for all urban routes. It’s the cheapest and most relaxing way for wondering around Beijing.

  • To Tiananmen square: No 729, 9, 673, 59, 20
  • To WangFuJing Pedestrian Street: No.1, 4, 728
  • To Palace of Heave: No.122, 20, 25, 39
  • To Olympic Gym Stadium: No T2
  • To 798 Art Zone: No.403

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